Reservations terminal

We can also offer you a range of kiosks that meet your needs and allow you to manage reservations on site for your members.

Our range allows you to equip both outdoor and indoor locations. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about our products.

Access management

No more wasted time phoning members to return the key, more software that has to be constantly updated and no need for a clubhouse computer, everything is on the internet! EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN PLUGIN !!!! In partnership with, we have designed a system that allows you to manage the door opening according to 4 different models :

  • Only when making a reservation
  • If the member has a reservation at the time in the field, he can return only to men/women
  • For changing rooms or toilets for example Only for certain groups of people
  • For a committee room, for example To all members, at any time – Clubhouse entrance door, for example.

The keys are changed by RFID chips, which are available in several formats and customizable !! (sponsors also possible) and much less expensive !! In addition, with one click on the Plugin program, you can decide whether or not you authorize access to this person !

No more wasted time !!!!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information! We will be happy to inform you !!

Badge RFID

We also offer an RFID badge presence validation system. This system makes it possible to check that the person who reserved is indeed the person who is present.

For this, we provide you with a badge reader as well as customizable at will and of all forms in order to distribute them to your members so that they can validate their game. Ask us for an offer for this system that gives you more control !